[VIDEO] Mountain Bernese From Newborn To 8 Weeks

video Mountain Bernese puppy

This is a really well made video showing us this precious Mountain Bernese puppy from newborn to 8 weeks.  All in one minute!  This puppy has the softest eyes.  The videographer took these photos for 56 days in a row so we can see the progression of this puppy’s growth in 60 seconds. Mountain Bernese dogs are wonderful family companions, according to Petwave.  They are affectionate, sweet, get along well with children, and are okay with children climbing all over them. They are energetic enough to play all day, and are also happy to sit by the fireplace to relax with the rest of the family.  They are polite with strangers, and get along with other pets.  Sometimes they flop down on your lap, totally unaware of their size.

What are the characteristics of Mountain Bernese dogs?

Who would make a good family for a Mountain Bernese?   An active family, with a yard for this dog to run around, and hopefully one who lives in an area that has winter.

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The thick coat of a Mountain Bernese make them happy in cold weather.  Hot summer is not their cup of tea.  They would love to run around in the snow, and since they like children, would be more than glad to pull them around in a sled.  If you live in a condo or an apartment where there is no room for them to run around, it might be a good idea to consider another breed who requires less exercise.  A yard where they could run around would be ideal.  And they would love to go with you for an evening walk to cool off.  If you have a baby coming along for the walk in a stroller, your Mountain Bernese would walk beside the stroller proudly.

Enjoy watching this magical minute of a Bernese Mountain puppy from newborn to 8 weeks.

Article source:  Petwave


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