[VIDEO] Bella The Saint Bernard Is Very Interested In The New Kitten


In this video, Bella the Saint Bernard is very interested in the new kitten.  Her attention is completely focused on this new arrival in the family.  The kitten must have picked up on Bella’s benevolent nature because the little cat looks totally relaxed and at ease being just inches away from a giant dog.

Bella invites the kitten to play by gently tapping the grass in front of the kitten’s paws, and not on the kitten.  She knows to approach the kitten very gently.  And she may be aware that she is significantly heavier than the little one too.  The kitten responds by tapping Bella’s paws. And when the kitten looks at another dog in the yard, Bella’s eyes stay glued to the kitty, completely fascinated by such a tiny person.

How to take care of large dogs

All Dog Cat Vet writes about ways to care for our large companion that will keep her with us as long as possible.  One of these tips is having her teeth cleaned.  Brush her teeth at least 2 times a week. And have her teeth cleaned regularly by a professional to keep tartar from building up.

Dog fleece jacket with pocket
Dog fleece jacket with pocket

Another tip is keep a puppy’s growth rate to the recommended guidelines.  If a Saint Bernard puppy grows too fast, the cartilage in the joint may not attach to the bones properly.  Stick to the recommended maximum 4 pounds a week growth rate.  Feed him a large-breed puppy diet, not an adult diet or a regular puppy diet.  Do not give her people’s food.  Yes, it’s almost impossible to say no to those eyes!  Try responding with a hug or a game instead of sharing your table scraps.

St. Bernard can be sensitive to heat.  That big fur coat is meant for cold weather.  When the weather is hot, limit the time he spends outdoor.  Keep him nice and cool.  When they are adults, make sure they get regular exercise.

If you like this video, here’s another video of a St. Bernard befriending an elderly neighbor.

Article source:  All Dog Cat Vet


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