[VIDEO] St. Bernard Befriends A Neighbor


This lovely video is about the special friendship between a St. Bernard and a neighbor who lives next door.   Brody, the St. Bernard, strikes up a friendship with next door neighbor Sally, and visits her everyday.  They would sit on the couch to watch their favorite TV weather forecaster together.  Brody loves bread, and actually would not even eat dog treats that Sally bought.   When Sally waters her garden, Brody would come over and get watered as well.

When Sally moved into a retirement home, Brody continued to go to Sally’s home and would look for her through her window.  Seeing how much Brody misses Sally, his parents started taking him to visit Sally in her new home every week.  When Brody walks into Sally’s new home, he acts as if he owns the place.  They continue to hang out like they used to.  Just look at how content the two are in this video.

What is a St. Bernard like?

St. Bernard is a gentle giant.  When full grown, they can be 120 to 180 pounds, according to Vetstreet.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

You know that image of a St. Bernard carrying a keg of brandy to rescue people?  It was actually the painter, Edwin Landseer, taking artistic liberty when he painted a St. Bernard back in 1819.  The Bernies DO rescue lost travellers near St. Bernard Hospice high up in the Alps.  Mostly they are companion dogs, appreciated for their patience and calmness.  St. Bernards do drool.  Remember the movie “Beethoven”?  And as puppies, they DO chew.  Keep your socks in your drawers.  If you live in hot climate, keep your Bernie cool in air-condition.  They can get heat stroke.  Even though they are large dogs, their food requirement is not any more than other large breeds.  And their exercise need is moderate.  So even if you have a small yard, they would do fine.  This is a companion dog, which also means they want YOUR companionship.  They love their people and will pine for you if left alone too long.  When the family is home, they would be happy being a part of family life.  They adore it.  You can learn more about St. Bernards here.  

Enjoy watching this heartwarming video of a St. Bernard and a special neighbor.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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