[VIDEO] An Argumentative French Bulldog Feisty At Bedtime

French Bulldog puppy argues about bedtime

Just listen to this argumentative French Bulldog puppy.  That voice is so fun to listen to.  He certainly lets his mom knows what he thinks about having to go to bed.   A spirited little one.  This breed likes to talk, according to Abri French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs truly love people. They love our neighbor, they love the mailman. (That certainly would make the mail route so much more pleasant for the mail carrier.) It’s no wonder that some owners of French Bulldogs question how loyal their dog is to them. But they really do adore their owners the most. And it’s not just people that French Bulldogs like. They also get along with dogs and other species, as long as you introduced them properly.

What French Bulldogs need

Because they like being around people so much, they don’t like to be left alone too long. If at all possible, please integrate them into your schedule so they can interact with someone. If your office allows dogs, a French Bulldog would be very happy to socialize with your co-workers. So would your co-workers. However, if you bring your dog to the office meeting, it’s quite possible that it would be the least productive meeting ever because the attention is on this people lover.

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French Bulldogs love walks. But not very long ones because they have moderate energy. The best scenario for them is if they can stop along the walk and socialize with other people and dogs. This will make their day. If you are a jogger or runner, just know that they are not your jogging or running buddies. Because of their short nose, they are vulnerable to heat stress. It’s not a good idea to take them on the airplane.

They also cannot swim because of their body is top heavy. If you have a swimming pool, consider another breed. And if you already have a Frenchie, then take all precautions that they are not near the pool by themselves. French Bulldogs are sensitive. Be sure to use only positive training with them.  Enjoy listening to this spirited French Bulldog argue with Mom about bedtime.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one for you of a French Bulldog talking a lot.

Article source: Abri French Bulldogs


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