[VIDEO] This Kind Hearted Man Is Sharing Ice Cream Bar With His Dog

video of a kind man sharing ice cream with dog

The kind-hearted man in this video is sharing an ice cream cone with his dog.   He is sitting on a bench, holding the ice cream bar at a level that’s easy for his dog to lick.  This must be a beloved companion for the man.  He lets his friend have most of the ice cream bar.

Matching a dog’s personality with your lifetime

At one point, the dear man licks the ice cream bar, then gives it back for his beloved dog to finish, seeing how much his friend enjoys ice cream.   This is a moving video.  I see this man putting his dog’s enjoyment above his own.  His dog friend comes first.  I appreciate the videographer capturing this moment on camera. It speaks volume about the friendship between us and our dogs.

Many have suggested that an elderly person living alone might benefit from having a dog as a companion.  And the children of some seniors might want to give their parents this great gift.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

This can be a great match when several factors come together, according to Barbara Ballinger in AgingCare.com.  Puppies are adorable, AND they need a lot of care.  And they are very active and energetic.  Would that be a match with with the parents’ energy level and lifestyle?

Perhaps someone thinks that a smaller dog is easier to care for than a big dog.  That depends.  Some large dogs have a mellow temperament and are content with a leisurely walk.  Some small dogs are highly energetic, and requires an owner that is active.

Having a dog no doubt adds to the social interactions of the elderly, whether it’s meeting someone at the dog park and talking about their dogs, or the increased exercise they get because their dogs need to exercise.  There is also the benefits of reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, in addition to this wonderful companionship.  You can read the entire article here.  Enjoy watching this precious moment.

Article source:  Barbara Ballinger in AgingCare.com


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