[VIDEO] This French Bulldog Has A Lot To Say

video French Bulldog puppy talks a lot

This French Bulldog has a lot to say in this video.  Definitely has a strong opinion to share. Who can resist that voice?!  Be sure to wait for the end.  He starts talking like he wants to tell someone off!  And that voice!   Toward the end of the video, this puppy sounds almost like a human child.

What are French Bulldogs like?

Here are some insights into French Bulldogs from Abri French Bulldog blogs for those who are thinking about getting one.   It’s quite an extensive list, so it will make a good start in your research.   For starters, this is a very social dog.  If your lifestyle is such that you can spend a lot of time with her, it’s a green light.  If you are gone from home most of the day, and go out often in the evening, leaving your Frenchie home alone, this is not the right dog for you.  They want to go to your office with you.  They want to be included in every part of your day.

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If you have a swimming pool, it’s probably better to look for another breed.  A French Bulldog’s top heavy frame makes them non-swimmers.  They can actually drown.  If they are in even shallow water, you still need to supervise them.

French Bulldogs need to have high quality food because they are prone to allergies.  If you find food free of corn or wheat, or a high quality food, that will help reduce the risk of allergies.

This dog can die from heat stress.  Never leave them in a car unattended.  If it’s a bit warm for you in the parked car, then it’s even warmer for your Frenchie.  They love taking walks with you, and stop along the way to socialize.  But this is not a dog to jog with.  And oh, they will train you in their language.  Some dogs talk more than others. This one TALKS!  It will be the highlight of your day to carry on a conversation with this conversation master.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one of an argumentative Frenchie at bedtime.

Article source:  Abri French Bulldogs


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