[VIDEO] Bulldog Puppy Has A Lot To Say

video Bulldog puppy Bentley has an irresistible voice

In this video, the Bulldog puppy has a lot to say.  His name is Bentley, and we get to listen to his lovely voice.  It looks like Bentley wants something from his human mom, who doesn’t want to grant that wish.  So Bentley voices his objection.  And what a cute voice he has.  He is quite sensible.  When he sees that Mom is not giving in to him, he makes one last statement and walks away.  A strong character!

This strong character was once required, as originally Bulldogs were bred to work with bulls, according to Pet MD.  Once a tougher dog, now, through careful and select breeding, Bulldogs have become the docile and loving family pet that we know them to be.  Many are now enjoying the company of the devoted Bulldog and the affection and warmth they bring.

Characteristics of Bulldogs

Bulldogs are known for their patience with children, as well as their affection for the little ones.  They do fine with most family pets.  Some may not like to be around dogs they don’t know.  Most Bulldogs are pleasant toward strangers.  And if not, the worst scenario is that they are simply indifferent.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

They love to please us.  At the same time, they do have an independent mind.  Remember they used to work with bulls.  So they need to have that independent thinking.  And once they make up their mind, they honor their own judgment.

They need daily dental care.  Start them early so they are accustomed to getting their teeth brushed, and even looking forward to it.  Clean the folds around the face and the tail to make sure dirt don’t stay there.  Otherwise, they may get skin infection.  You can read more about how to care for the Bulldogs here.  

Enjoy listening to Bentley insisting that Mom gives him what he wants, and how he deals with her refusal.  If you enjoy this video, you might also enjoy this French Bulldog puppy video!

Article source:  Pet MD


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