[VIDEO] This Family Is Choosing Their Goldendoodle Puppy

video choosing a goldendoodle puppy

The family in this video is choosing their Goldendoodle puppy.  What a smart way to decide on which puppy to bring home!  They are spending time with several puppies first, then narrow down their choices.  They spend some more time with those, then make their decision.  The family members get to interact with each puppy individually to see if there’s chemistry there.  And at last one meets all the criteria with every family member.   Matching temperaments, energy level, requirements of the dog with family members is an ideal thing to do before deciding on the right dog for your family.

How to choose the right dog for your family

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Cesar’s Way has an excellent article on how to choose the right dog for your family.  A surprising first question in that article is:  Are we the right human for the dog?  I like this approach.  It’s not just about what’s good for the family, but also if this fits the needs of the dog.

If we have children, look for a dog that’s kid friendly.  AND, our children will also need to be dog friendly.  There are extra steps to teach our children to train the dog and to respect the dog’s space.

Is there another dog in our home already?  If so, would the temperament of the new dog harmonize with the family dog?  Are we away from home a long time?  There are breeds who do not like to be alone for extended period of time.  If we live in an apartment, does the dog need more space to run around? Do we have the commitment to take a dog for a walk when the weather is cold outside?  And there is vets, grooming, pet food, etc.  You can read more about this check list here.  Watch how this family spend time with different puppies before choosing one that’s right for them.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one on a family welcoming home a Goldendoodle puppy.

Article source:  Cesar’s Way


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