[VIDEO] Loving Family Welcome Goldendoodle Puppy

video of loving family welcoming Goldendoodle puppy home

This is a video of a loving family welcoming a Goldendoodle puppy home.  So much tenderness in this video!  Watch this exciting day for the family, as they pick up their new puppy, making him feel safe and welcome, and introducing him to the family dog.

This video is very well done, starting with family dog, Charlee, answering to the question “Are you excited about your brother?”  Then Mom adds an addition to her car bumper sticker.  This family is really excited about adding a new member.  Both the puppy and the family dog are Goldendoodles who come from the same breeder.   The new puppy, William, is sweet and active.  He relates differently to Mom and Dad.  Look how he greets Dad.

This family figures out how to introduce their dogs to each other

After the family got home, the family is very tuned in to what the older dog, Charlee, may feel about the puppy.  So Mom just lets the puppy stay inside a warm cozy wrap filled with stuffed animals, and let Charlee greet the puppy when he is ready.  She makes sure to give lots of reassurance to Charlee that he hasn’t’ lost his place.

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After Charlee has sniffed the puppy enough, Mom lets William out to the backyard.  Charlee was running around, and William joins him.   This puppy takes no time at all to feel part of the family.

This family is very smart in the way they introduce the family dog to the new puppy.  He has the freedom to roam around and sniff out the stranger.   The newcomer is the one who is safely tucked into a very comfortable blanket with plush stuffed animals, with Mom sitting by, her arms around him.

Sensitive introduction like this goes a long way in establishing the environment of respect and inclusion in the family.  Charlee seems to see William as a new playmate he gets to hang out with.  Enjoy watching how this family welcomes puppy William home, and how they introduce William to older dog Charlee.

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