[VIDEO] Border Collie Watches Her Baby Boy Every Moment

video Border Collie babysitting

Is this a heartwarming video or what!   In every single photo, Chuffy the Border Collie keeps her eyes on the baby boy every moment.  From the time he was born, Chuffy watches as Mom holds the baby in her arms.

In every photo, Chuffy was right there, watching over “her” boy.  When he can walk, she is right there, always ready to assist and play with him.  Chuffy is at his beck and call.  THIS is loyalty.  Chuffy may not be a typical Border Collie.  Perhaps she is an old soul.  For Border Collies are energetic and easily get bored, according to Pets4Homes.  Chuffy certainly is focused on one and only one object of attention–“her” boy.  She doesn’t seem bored at all.

Characteristics of Border Collies

Some people feel better about matching Border Collies with families who have older children because they worry that the dog might be too boisterous to play with a younger one.  Chuffy is certainly an exception.  She keeps a respectful distance when the baby is small.   She is well trained.  And when her boy plays fetch with her, she always drops the ball or stick in front of him, never trying to wrestle.

Are Border Collies good with children?

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Older children may enjoy growing up with a Border Collie.  The two can keep each other entertained, especially if the children like to be active outdoors.  This will take care of the active Border Collie’s need for exercise.

And if your older children have an interest in training the dog, you can enroll them in canine sports.  Great for bonding.  And what a great skill for a child to learn–training a dog!

Are Border Collies good with cats?

If your home has a lot of people coming in and out, that is a perfect environment for the energetic Border Collie.  They are friendly with visitors.  And if they are properly introduced, they are not overly territorial.  It gives them opportunity to make more friends.  Borders get along with cats if they are introduced properly.  The cats can keep the dog from getting bored when you are not home.  Do know that a Collie need several hours to spend outdoors everyday and to exercise.  You can read more about the Border Collies here.

If you like this video, here is another Border Collie video for you!

Article source:   Pets4Homes


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