[VIDEO] Corgi Grooming Her Cat Friend

video Corgi loves grooming kitten

What a lovely friendship!  Maya the Corgi loves grooming Pips, a rescue kitten.  The two gets along quite well, and probably provides the family with plenty of entertainment.  Maya is very fond of Pips, and can’t stop licking the kitty.  Pips seems to have mixed feelings about that affection. Sometimes, the message is “I like it, keep it coming” and at other times, the message is “Enough! Go away!”  I was curious whether Corgi’s and cats are a good combo in the same household, so I did some research.

Can a Corgi get along with cats?

According to Anne Woods in Pets The Nest, Corgi’s can get along with cats, generally.  It’s a matter of matching personalities.  If the cat is outgoing and playful, there is a possibility that they won’t mind being chased around by a Corgi, and tease them back.

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As long as YOU don’t mind the barking and the high speed chasing in your living room.  You know how fast these Corgi’s can be.  With a cat that’s more shy, that might be a different story, having this bulky dog run toward them.

Anne suggests that if you are thinking about having a cat and a Corgi in your home, do some research on the individual Corgi.  A puppy can adapt more easily if he grows up with a cat.  And if you find your Corgi through a breeder, many breeders do have cats around to help their dogs feel comfortable around cats, in case future families already have pet cats.  Even if you bring home a Corgi that’s comfortable with cats, at the beginning, have some escape spots for the cat until she feels comfortable with the newcomer.  And even if they are pals, separate them at dinner time.  You can read more about this topic here.

Enjoy watching Maya and Pips groom each other.  If you like this video, here is another one of a Corgi  comforting a little girl.

Article source:  Anne Woods in Pets The Nest


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