[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Snuggling With Students

video Corgi puppies snuggling with students

The Corgi puppies in this video are snuggling with some students during their study break.  This is the best kind of study break ever.  No sugar, no caffeine.  Just a puppy high.  We already know that playing with dogs can relieve stress, and leave a smile on our face.  What better way to prepare for an exam than to spend some time with soft, cuddly puppies?

In fact, at Emory University, therapy dogs are brought in during exam week to help students relieve the stress of preparing for their tests.  According to the Emory News Center, the university welcomes trained dogs from an organization called Canine Assistants for the students to pet and play with.  These dogs are being trained to be service dogs, and they need to be exposed to a variety of environment in preparation for their job.  A university campus certainly provides a variety of experience.

A university uses dog therapy during exam time

Students in groups of three spend 10 minutes petting and playing with the dogs, in the process relieving tension and reducing stress.  In fact, studies have shown that petting an animal can lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Pet Grooming Glove For Hair Removal
Pet Grooming Glove For Hair Removal

360 students attended this pet therapy event at Emory in 2013.  So the dogs are back by popular demand!  One student said that his doctor advised him to be around animals to lower his anxiety.  He did, and he felt much more relaxed after petting the dogs.

Emory had these pet therapy sessions in the library during exam times.  Already dogs are helping children to read in school, helping inmates to feel a sense of well-being.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see them in more environments where people appreciate reducing their stress level?  Thank you, dogs everywhere, for your kindness to us.  You can read more about the Emory University Pet Therapy program here.  Enjoy watching these cuddly Corgi puppies help these students relax during their study break.

Article source:  Emory News Center


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