[VIDEO] Corgis Entertaining Themselves

video Corgis having fun

Watch how in this video, the corgis are entertaining themselves.  They are the happiest people.  One of them is bold to wrestle with a family cat.  Another stops to taste the raindrops.  Drinking from a water fountain.  Chasing a snow plow.

Corgis make their own fun.  It’s hard to imagine how angels like Corgis can even be found in rescue and shelters.  Adopt A Pet asked several Corgi rescue organizations to share their insights on what someone can expect who is thinking about adopting a Corgi.  Here are some of those insights.

Personality of a Corgi

Corgis are highly intelligent herding dogs.  They need a job.  Enrolling them in obedience training, rally, or herding will make these dogs very happy.  They are best matched with older children because they do have a herding instinct.  They might nip at the ankle of the little ones to herd them.

They shed a lot in the spring and fall, and need to be brushed regularly.  Even though a Corgi would be fine living in a condo or apartment, they do need their exercise.  If they don’t get enough exercise, they can get a bit barky.  And they don’t have dainty voice either.

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Make sure they don’t get overweight.  This will help with potential back and joint matters in the future.  It helps to prevent potential back disorders, or at least minimize it, by not letting them get obese or do any activity that would put stress on their vertebrae, such as jumping.

Corgis are very loyal and eager to please their human parents.  Even though they may have a tendency to bark and not the most embracing of strangers and other small animals or dogs, they can be trained.  A Corgi who’s been well socialized is a very obedient dog.  Corgis are surprisingly fast for their build. Help them satisfy their herding instinct by letting them run and chase each other in a large area. You can read the entire article here.  If you like this Corgi video, you might also enjoy this one of a Corgi puppy sneezing so hard it almost knocks him over.

Article source:  Adopt A Pet


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  1. Martha Sawyers Reply

    So cute. I told my granddaughter I would not want to get another dog because I would not want to die and leave him to strangers. She said if I got a Corgi she would take him.

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