[VIDEO] Corgi Puppy Having Fun

video Corgi playing with his many toys

The Corgi puppy in this video is napping with his teddy bear.  In about the middle of the video, the puppy puts his paw around the toy before closing his eyes to sleep.  For us, watching a tender sight like this extracts in the least an “aaawwww”.  Then again, when we look back at all the times that our dogs reach out for us with their paws, or when they want to be close to us and just comes up and snuggle, then this picture doesn’t look unusual at all.  An article in Humans For Dogs (isn’t that a great name for a website?)  writes about this very topic.  The author’s own dog has quite a collection of stuffed animals, and knows each of them by name.  That’s how attached some dogs are to their stuffed animals.   Some may think certain dog breeds are practicing their hunting instinct when they shake their stuffed animal, or perhaps a Golden Retriever is practicing the retrieval of things.

How to choose toys that are safe for dogs

The author in Human For Dogs also suggests that if your dog has a stuffed animal, watch how he plays with the toy. Does he chew them up and eats the content?  Does he bite off the plastic button eyes?  

Dog fleece jacket with pocket
Dog fleece jacket with pocket

If you notice these behavior, you can remove the plastic buttons before letting your dog play with the toy.   You can’t always be around when he’s playing with his toys.   This will prevent your dog from swallowing something he’s not supposed to.

And if he actually chews up the toy and tries to eat the content, then look for toys made for dogs.  More than likely, makers of toy dogs are aware of the possibility of puppies swallowing things not meant to be swallowed.  However, if your dogs just like to carry the stuffed animals around and sleep with them, or use them as a pillow and to keep them company, then by all means let them play with stuffed animals.  You can read more about this topic here.

Enjoy watching this sweet puppy being tender with his teddy bear.

Article source:  Humans For Dogs


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