[VIDEO] Corgis Simply Know How To Have Fun


This video is filled with Corgis who simply know how to have fun.   It’s as if a Corgi’s pure reason for living is to have fun.  Just watch the Corgis in this video.  They are happy to bring you your socks, your blanket.   Sitting on a turntable and going round and round is interesting to them.  I don’t know if they get dizzy.  But they are not getting off.

Running alongside a snowplow is considered fun.  Letting rain fall into their mouths is a joy.  (Look at the face of the other friend.)  Rolling around on the carpet or in the yard makes them happy.  Catching a snowball is a game for them.  Playing tether ball is exciting for them.  Drinking from a water fountain is an adventure.

Enjoy watching these joyful Corgis finding ordinary things fun and exciting.


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