[VIDEO] Misa Minnie’s Little Brother Learns New Tricks


This is a video of Misa Minnie’s little brother learning new tricks when he was 12 weeks old.  His name is Brody Brixton, and he is a French Bulldog.  His Mom wrote in the video description that this is what Brody can learn in just a few days, using positive reinforcement and lots of treats.   Several days…  that’s impressive.

Brody Brixton learns to shake, crawl, wait (even when a bowl of food is put in front of him!)  And he is learning to ring a bell.   I notice everytime Brody is successful even a tiny little bit, he is praised.  He doesn’t have to do things perfectly.  What a great way to teach.  For dogs OR humans!  Mom is hoping that one day Brody Brixton will also become a therapy dog.

Enjoy watching Brody Brixton learn new tricks when he is just 12 weeks old.

Image source:  via Daily Cute


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