[VIDEO] Sweet Puppies From Newborn To Playing With Siblings


This video is a compilation of sweet puppies from newborn to playing with their siblings.   We’ll see several dog families here.   There’s only music playing in this video, and it’s a nice song too.   We see a Mama nursing her litter.  She looks very relaxed about what she’s doing, most likely not a new mama.

We see a papa hopping around like a puppy when he plays with his little one.  Some human friends helping to bottle feed some newborn pugs, and creating a warm and cozy sleeping space for the newborn so they feel comfortable.  We see some Chihuahua puppies playing with their siblings.  One is even trying to hold on to a sibling’s little tail.

Enjoy this sweet video filled with happy puppies being taken care of and playing with their families.

Image source:  KanineKlub via Pinterest


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