[VIDEO] Henry The Corgi Trains His Parents About Stairs


In this video, we see Henry the Corgi training his parents about stairs.  He is quite confident and comfortable climbing UP the stairs.  Now his parents want him to go DOWN the stairs.  Mom is quite good with encouraging Henry physically make that first move.  Treats are not enough of an incentive.  So Mom lifts Henry up just a little.  Henry puts his front paws on the step below.  And he gets all kinds of praise from his parents, and a treat.

Notice that Henry did not actually take a step himself.  He insists on telling his parents that he is not ready to do this.  When they encourage him to come down, Henry turns around and climbs up the stairs instead.  Now THAT’s a clear statement of what he feels.

Enjoy watching Henry train his parents a thing or two about stairs.


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