[VIDEO] These Dogs And Cats Appreciate Their Friendships


The dogs and cats in this video appreciate their friendships with each other.  Yes, it’s a myth that dogs and cats don’t get along.  And this video is the proof of that. 🙂  Every scene here shows different friendships.  The Golden Retriever takes on the role as caretaker for the kitten as the little one walks on the sidewalk.  He follows her every step of the way, literally.

Another dog is so affectionate with a very young kitten that the little one was overwhelmed with this giant tongue licking her all over.  And then there’s the kitten who snuggles right next to her Retriever friend.  Her hair looks wet.  I can only guess that an affectionate has been licking her. 🙂

Enjoy watching these sweet friendships between dogs and kittens.


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