[VIDEO] Coton De Tulear Makes Friends Her First Week

video Coton de Tulear meeting other dogs in the family

Breaking into an existing family group can be rather easy.  At least for the Coton De Tulear in this video.    Her name is Rosa.  Look how easy it is for her to get along with the other dogs that have been in the family for a while.  And watch how relaxed and trusting she sleeps around the other dogs.  This is a great sign.

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What is a Coton De Tulear like?

According to Coton Club, there are 2 breeds sold in the U.S. that are called Coton De Tulear, but they are 2 very different breeds. One is the French Coton, which is a breed mixed with Maltese and Bichon Frise.  And they look pretty much like a Maltese.  The original, and more rare, breed is the Madagascar Coton De Tulear, developed over centuries in Madagascar.  These Cotons are very intelligent, very gentle, laid-back, and easy to toilet train.

Before getting your Coton, Coton Club recommends that you ask the breeder how they have socialized the puppies, and ask about the temperament and genetics of the parents.  The Coton shed very little, so it’s wonderful for people who have allergies.  Of the long-haired dogs, the Coton probably has the easiest hair to care for.  When they get wet, their hair dries quickly.  Even though you still have to groom them regularly, they don’t require extensive brushing.

Probably what draws people to Coton is their temperament.  They are companion dogs, and they adore their human family.  They will actually study their humans with great care.  One of their favorite activities is to snuggle up in your lap or lie down on the floor right next to you.  And they understand that children who rough-house with them mean well.  You can read more about this breed here.  

Enjoy watching adorable Rosa quickly fit into her family of humans and dogs.  If you enjoy this Coton de Tulear, you might also enjoy this video.

Article source:  Coton Club


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