[VIDEO] This Pug Puppy Succeeds In Fighting Sleep

video Pug puppy fighting sleep

Rarely is there a video where dogs trying to resist sleep wins.  This pug puppy, however, succeeds in fighting sleep.  Congratulations, Puppy!  He did it by scratching himself, then getting up and walk away.  Such discipline!

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Pugs are often called the clown.  Just look at that face!  And it’s not just their looks.  It’s also their sense of humor.  Pugs owners will understand this character trait.   According to Dog Time, Pugs are originally bred to be companion dogs.  They want your affection, and your lap to sleep on while you read or watch a movie.  They don’t care to be left alone for a long time.  Not only are they your companion, you are also their companion.

What are Pugs like?

A Pug is also a comical person, and a playful one too.  Even so, he is quiet enough and small enough to live in an apartment.  When indoor, he is not that active, which makes condo or apartment living acceptable to this breed.  Just make sure you get a daily walk or playtime in, or else he’s going to act goofy.  Pugs love children. Unlike other toy breeds, the Pugs are not delicate, so they are great for family with children.  Even so, children need to be shown how to be respectful to dogs and how to approach them.   Heat and humidity are not friends of Pugs.  If you live in hot and humid climate, please keep them where they are cool and comfortable. Keep them in air-conditioned rooms on very hot days.   They cannot overheat.  By the way, Pugs tend to be snorers.  If you are a light sleeper, either consider another breed before you get a Pug or get some really good ear plugs.   You can read more about Pugs here.

Enjoy watching this Pug puppy dozing off.  If you enjoy videos of dogs dozing off, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  Dog Time


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