[VIDEO] These Boston Terrier Puppies Are Making Some Children Happy


The Boston Terrier puppies in this video are making some children happy.   Just look at the smile on the little girl’s face who’s holding her Boston puppy!

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What are Boston Terriers like?

Boston Terriers are gentle people, and are good with children because they are affectionate and playful.  They are alert and very intelligent, according to Dog Breed Info.  Because they are so intelligent, and because they love to learn, it is very easy to train them.  Dog Breed Info suggests that it is a good idea to let your Boston Terrier know that you are a gentle but confident leader.  Once you’ve earned that respect in their eyes, they’ll be fine.  If, however, they feel that they are the boss (it’s easier to let cute little dogs get away with things) they can become dominant, even fight with other dogs.  Boston’s are sensitive to tone of voice. Just be gentle and confident with them.

Boston Terriers need to have enough physical and mental exercise, otherwise they can get high-strung and rambunctious.  A long walk everyday and also play sessions where they can run around in a fenced yard is enough for them to stay in shape.  They are relatively inactive when they are indoor.  It is fine for them to live in apartment and without a yard, as long as they get their exercise.  This breed is sensitive to heat.  Do not let them over-exert themselves when it’s too hot.  Actually when it’s too cold as well.  They can have difficulty breathing.  If you are thinking about getting a Boston Terrier, just know that they can also snore and drool.  You can read more about the Boston Terrier here.

Enjoy watching these Boston Terriers entertaining their toddler friends.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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