[VIDEO] Watch Great Dane Drink At The Water Fountain

video dog drinking from water fountain

This is truly self-service!  Probably only a Great Dane can do this!  And a few other big and agile dogs.   Imagine the smile on someone’s face who wants to get a drink at the same water fountain, and has to wait in line behind the Great Dane.  What a great story to tell.

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How to teach a Great Dane

In this video, Yohji was not even 6 months old, and already he could get his own drink at the water fountain.  He does not even need anyone to help him push down the button.  Now that he is older, the steps in front of the fountain are no longer necessary.   According to Dames For Danes.org, Great Danes are very people-oriented and crave our company.  This is definitely not a dog to be kept outdoors.  The time with you is more important to them than having lots of space.  So make sure you have this time available to spend with your Dane before bringing one home.  They will bark when strangers show up, but if they see that their family is friendly with the stranger, they’ll be okay.

It is also suggested by Dames For Danes.org to enroll your Great Dane in an obedience class.   Many Great Danes end up in rescue because their former owners did not know how to “control them”.  A good obedience class would easily take care of this.  And you would actually be walking your dog instead of the other way around.  Great Danes are sensitive to how they are trained.  Be kind and use only positive reinforcement.  This breed is also called “gentle giant”.  Also know that if you are getting a Great Dane, the food bill will go up.  Food left on the counter may disappear.  And things you hide on the upper shelves may still not be tall enough to hide from your dog.  You can read more about this breed here.  

Article source:  Dames For Danes.org


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