[VIDEO] Murkin The Rescue Dog Likes To Take Care Of Cats

video Murkin the dog who loves cats

Is there a more tender friendship than this?  This video captures Murkin the rescue dog taking care of one of his many cat friends.  His Mom lovingly fosters kittens, giving them a transition home so they can go to permanent loving homes for adoption.

The story of Murkin–the dog who loves cats

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When she adopted Murkin from a shelter in California, he was shy and timid, and not very trusting of strangers.  His family work with him to build his confidence around people.  Their efforts were very successful.  Now Murkin is very comfortable with anyone who gives him loving attention.

This Rescue Dog helps foster cats feel comfortable

In addition to liking people now, Murkin has a special connection with cats and other animals, especially kittens.  So Murkin and his mom work really well as a team to foster the kittens emotionally, preparing them for their future family. Some family considering a cat may already have dogs as pets. Having Murkin as a friend would certainly help these cats and kittens feel comfortable around dogs, expanding their circle of adoptive families.

Murkin helping a kitten with special needs

The kitten that Murkin is napping with in this video is Wobblepants.  There is a reason for this unique name.  Wobblepants has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  Since Murkin and Wobblepants are resting in this video, it’s not obvious how this condition affects Wobblepants.  In a different video, it shows Wobblepants actually showing how this condition affects her movement and coordination.  It is not painful, according to ChCat.  What it does is cause jerky movements, uncoordinated movements, and tremors.  A cat with this disorder can fall down and have trouble walking.  It does not get worse with age, and it’s not contagious.  These cats are very sweet, affectionate, and loving.  And they bond with the family who lovingly give them the special care they need.  It is wonderful that Murkin feels completely comfortable and accepting of Wobblepants.  You can read more about Cerebellar Hypoplasia here.

Enjoy watching this loving and patient dog fostering kitten Wobblepants.

Article source:  ChCat



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