[VIDEO] Cuddle Time With A Mountain Bernese Puppy


As you watch this video, pretend you are the one cuddling with this Mountain Bernese puppy.  Relaxing, right?   Bernese Mountain puppies are furry.  When they are puppies, they have wonderful baby fat, which makes them extra cuddly.    The pup in this video is enjoying some quality time with Mom.

Mom is giving her puppy a nice neck rub, maybe a feel good massage.   This puppy is loving this pampering.  Look at her yawn–a sign that she is completely relaxed.  I wonder who feels calmer—the mom or the puppy.  This is what people mean by puppy therapy.  It’s therapeutic for us to spend quiet time just being with a lovely puppy.

Enjoy this relaxing and calming moment with the puppy.

Image source:  via Daily Puppy



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