[VIDEO] The Many Poses Of Gatsby The Corgi Puppy


In this video, we’ll see the many poses of Gatsby the Corgi.  The sleeping poses, more specifically.  Gatsby is a tri-colored Pemsbroke Welsh Corgi.  His dad wrote that this video was filmed over a period of 3 months.  So he filmed these sleeping poses since Gatsby was 1 1/2 months-old.  Can you imagine how delightful it is to watch a Corgi with these amusing sleeping poses?

Gatsby seems to favor the one arm up pose.  Reminds me of a move by John Travolta in one movie.   Notice how Gatsby can sleep everywhere.  On the kitchen floor, on an exercise ball, tucked under a table.  My guess is that he can fall asleep anywhere, and just lie down wherever if he feels tired.  Actually, that’s a pretty good way of taking care of himself.

Enjoy watching the many poses of Gatsby the Corgi.


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