[VIDEO] Dexter The Coton De Tulear At 11 Weeks


The Coton De Tulear in this video is Dexter.  At this filming he is 11 weeks old.  He is exploring his home, playing with his toy.  I noticed that when his toy dropped down the stairs, Dexter did not get it.  He has not learned to use the stairs.  It just occurs to me that this is a great way to help puppies get comfortable with the stairs.  Having them play with a toy at the top of the stairs.  If they really want the toy that falls down the stairs, they may not even think about how scary it is to go down those big steps.  I read about the characteristics of Coton De Tulear in Dogtime.  This breed is a people pleaser.  They forms strong bond with family members and don’t like to be separated from them.  They are smart and easy to train.

Enjoy watching Dexter in his young puppy days.

Image source:  via Pinterest


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