[VIDEO] Mishka The Husky Talks To Her Family


In this video, Mishka the Husky is talking to her family.  This time she is giving the same answer to her family over and over.  No imitating human words.  Mishka wants to stay inside the house, and her family wants her to join them outdoor.  The little boy keeps asking Mishka to come out.  She says “NO” repeatedly.  Like 5 or 6 times.  Finally, the dad says in a tone that’s more assertive rather than pleading, and Mishka makes her appearance.  It must be fun to live with Mishka.  The interactions this family have with her and Laika, the other Husky, must keep the family entertained.  If Mishka were with me, I would be talking to her ALL DAY!

Enjoy watching this conversation between Mishka and her family.


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