[VIDEO] Welcome To Earth, Puppies!


This video is filled with beautiful puppies—newborn and a few weeks old.   Turn up your volume to hear the lovely background music.  Some of the puppies are literally just born.  Some of them are being bottle-fed.  Some are snuggled up with siblings to stay close and warm.  Then there are scenes of puppies starting to play.  One pup is playing with her mom.  Toward the end of the video, I see a woman tickling a relatively newborn.  I have seen this in other videos as well.  I suspect it may be to stimulate them to move their limbs.  Maybe to help with circulation?  I prefer this theory to seeing a puppy being disturbed. 🙂

Enjoy this very sweet compilation of newborn and young puppies.

Image source:  Leoncillo Sabino on Flickr


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