[VIDEO] Dog In Wheelchair Running Like Any Other Dog

video dog in wheelchair feels limitless

This is an inspiring example of joie de vivre!   Albert uses a doggie wheelchair, and believes he is like any other dog.   Look at him run down the stairs as if the wheels were his own legs.  Watch how he take on a dog 3 times his size.

He may be seen by the world as handicapped, but Albert certainly doesn’t think that way, or even act that way.  Look at his joy.  How he enjoys his life.  What a wonderful attitude Albert has.  he doesn’t think anything is missing.  Dogs can be so inspiring with their spirit.  We may feel sorry for a dog with a wheelchair, but look at Albert.  He certainly does not need our sympathy.  He is doing GREAT!  He’s on top of the world.

When adopting a dog with special needs

Morieka Johnson writes in her article for Mother Nature Network about some uplifting stories of how some people see to the need of their special needs pet.  And some would specifically adopt pets that have a disability to make sure they have a loving home.  Her article includes tips from these pet parents.   These tips include creating a routine, consulting specialists, getting the right gear to help the pet.

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Morieka also shares the story of a college student, Crystal Fogg, who fell in love with a feral cat because he reminds her of her childhood cat.  She brought the cat home to foster and socialize him, named him Moki, then found out he has a condition that makes his coordination wobbly.

Crystal consulted a neurologist and set up a treatment plan.  Finally, Moki got acupuncture and the condition has improved.

After Crystal graduated from college, she pays it forward by working for a non-profit organization that underwrites the cost of rehab for assistance dogs, for pets from low-income family, for shelter animals, and working dogs.

There are just so many people doing wonderful things for animals.  It is very encouraging.  Enjoy watching this great spirit who is an inspiration to us.

Article source:  Morieka Johnson in Mother Nature Network


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