[VIDEO] Toy Poodle Playing With Sisters

video toy poodle playing with sisters

Remember Shu the Toy Poodle?  (or the dog that the internet keeps calling Teddy Bear dog?)  In this video, Shu plays ever so gently with her sisters.  She barks and barks hoping to get some action out of her sisters.  But what Shu finds most effective is a gentle paw on her sister’s head. What a sweet dog to be mindful of using a light touch when inviting someone to play.

Canine Horizons reprinted an article by Charlene Dunlap on how to play with Poodles.  It’s filled with valuable ideas on games as well as insights into the Poodle mind.  If you have a Poodle, this article is worth reading in its entirety.

How to play with a Poodle

We already know how intelligent Poodles are.  What we might not have considered before is how they seem to think more like a human than other breeds of dogs, according to Charlene Dunlap. Their sense of humor, their intelligence, and their curiosity make them a great playmate for us.  Playing games with our dogs is a wonderful bonding tool.  Playing games with a Poodle can be a surprisingly eye-opener for us.

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When we play games, it’s a way to create a sense of belonging.  We are in the pack.  Even though there is the competitive element in games, the whole point is for both our dog and us to have an enjoyable time.  When you enjoy the game, when you are into it, your Poodle senses that.  And they have more fun too, knowing that you are enjoying the game.

Sometimes they show you a variation of the game that is more appealing to them. Take note of their variation, and change your approach.  Use that as a way to add more joy to your dog. Your enthusiasm will mean a lot to your dog.  Understand what the breed’s strengths are, and create games that appeal to those strengths.  You can get many more ideas by reading the entire article here.

Article source:  Canine Horizons


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