[VIDEO] Basset Hound Puppies Want To Sleep

video of Basset Hound puppies

The Basset Hound puppies in this video all want to go back to bed.  Their human handler is introducing them one by one to the camera.  One puppy, Hershey, did not appreciate being woken up for a video, and voices her objection.  Her mom sniffs her to soothe her her.  And Hershey immediately calms down.   The woman must have a good rapport with mom to do this.

Actually, Basset Hounds get along very well with both people and other pets, and make excellent family companions.  They are affectionate, loyal, and active, according to Pet Wave.  They even welcome rumpus playing with children.

Is Basset Hound the right dog for you?

If you are thinking about getting a Basset Hound, Pet Wave offers a few characteristics that you might consider in deciding if this is the most suitable dog for you.  They will bark when someone is near the home.  However, once they greet the guest, they return to their favorite sun-bathing spot.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

Another factor to consider is exercise.  Their short legs may mislead us to think they are not big dogs, but they can weigh as much as 60 pounds.  They can get overweight if they don’t get enough exercise.  It’s ideal if you have a yard for them to run around.  But if you live in an apartment and can walk them regularly so they stay in shape, that would be fine.

Some people consider Basset Hounds more challenging to train.  They do have an independent nature.  And they don’t really have much of a desire to please anyone.  So positive reinforcement may not make a dent.  However, they do love food.  And that’s where you can capture their interest.  You do need to be more patient.  And be confident when you train.  You can read more about their temperament here.  Do you have experience training your Basset Hound?  Feel free to share them in the comment at the bottom of this page.

Article source:  Pet Wave


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