]VIDEO] Dog Jumping Rope With Children


The dog in this video is jumping rope with some children in Brazil.   This Border Collie has amazing timing.  And this breed is known for its brilliance in learning skills.   And since his back is to the children, he is not watching them and not following their timing.

When I was watching the video the second time, I notice that the dog actually has MORE task than the children.  We only have to jump with 2 legs.  This Border Collie has to land on his hind legs first, then his front legs, adding a bit of time before he can get ready for the next jump.  Yet he does not skip a bit.

And he does not even show any sign of exhaustion.  Wouldn’t it be fun if he enters a rope jumping contest?  I think he would rank among the top jumpers.

Enjoy this athletic dog with the timing of a professional!



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