[VIDEO] This Dog Wants To Be In the Photo


Isn’t this Husky a natural model?   She tries to get in every shot with her mom.  And some of the shots are taken just of her.  Watch how she actually poses for the camera!   This has got to be one fun household!   Huskies are one of the friendliest breeds, according to Jason Baker on KK9 Club.  Not just friendly, they have fun personalities.  Exhibit A in this video.    Because they are pack creatures (dog sleds come in teams) they are very loyal to their family and owner.  Huskies are not only fun, they are very intelligent.  Teach them commands, and they’ll learn it in no time.  They also have an independent streak in them.  This may translate to learning the commands, and ignoring them. 🙂  They are so intelligent that they can easily be an escape artist.  One of the benefits of this intelligence is that they are easy to potty train.

Another wonderful trait of the Huskies is that they are very clean.  They actually clean themselves like a cat!   Only a few dog breeds do this.  A Husky has such good cleaning habits that they don’t need much bathing.  Only 2 baths a year actually suffice, surprisingly.  And another positive quality is that they are not droolers.  Hopefully, you are an active person because Huskies do need a lot of exercise.  They can run up to 10 miles a day.  This is the best jogging or running buddy.  You’ll get tired before they do!  And no wonder, just think “sled dogs.”  Running is built into their DNA.  When it comes to working as a watch dog, Huskies can be pretty useless, except for those piercing eyes, which may be interpreted by some as intimidating.  In reality, this dog is so friendly and loving, they’ll show a robber where the jewelry is.  They usually don’t even get up or bark when the doorbell rings.  You can read more about the wonderful qualities of Huskies here.

Article source:  Jason Baker in KK9 Club


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