[VIDEO] Two Dogs Cooperating To Get Ball Out Of Pool


I think the two dogs in this video are cooperating to get the ball out of the pool.  At least that’s what it looks like.

The dog in the front has a longer neck, and is taller.  So he has an advantage in reaching the ball.  The distance between the edge of the pool and the water may look small to us, but to someone 2 feet tall, that is not a small distance.  And there is a chance of falling into the water while getting the pool.

These 2 dogs have GOT to be really good friends, and are used to teamwork with each other.   The shorter and smaller dog helps to make sure her friend does not fall into the pool by grabbing his tail with her mouth, providing balance.

If they were to be part of a tug-of-war game, these 2 dogs would do really well.

Enjoy this delightful video.  I only wish it were longer.



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