[VIDEO] A Dog Willing To Play The Trust Fall Game


The dog in this video is very trusting.  Very.  Enough to play the Trust Fall game.

Remember a group trust building exercise that was called The Trust Fall?  Or a similar name?  The person learning to trust the others place her faith in the people who will be there to catch her as she falls backward into their arms.

An experience like that has got to do something in shifting the level of trust.  From watching this video, I think this dog has a great deal of trust in her human friend.

The human is standing, which means this dog has about a 3 feet fall on her back if her human fails to catch her.  Even though this dog is not big, she does not look tiny either.  It would be interesting to see how her human builds up her trust gradually to do this Trust Fall.  Her big eyes seem to reveal her feelings about doing this. 🙂

Enjoy this trust building experience with the dog.  It’s way too short a video.


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