[VIDEO] Shih Tzu Doing The Cat Walk


The Shih Tzu in this video is doing the cat walk.  His name is Buddy.  Doesn’t he move like a cat in this video?

I’m not sure if there are cats in this household.  I imagine so.  THAT, or Buddy’s been around cat friends.  Look at the way Buddy lowers his head when he walks slowly down the corridor.  That’s not a typical Shih Tzu’s posture.  Buddy looks like a cat who is about to pounce on something, and yet there is nothing there to pounce on.

In the first few seconds of the video, Buddy looks as if something has his attention.  He lifts his head and extends his neck the way a cat would who discovers something interesting.

It’s going to be hard to hear this Shih Tzu coming down the hall.   Soft paws.  And no sounds of claws to give him away on the tile floor.  This must be a fun household with a dog cat around. 🙂

Enjoy watching Buddy walk.


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