[VIDEO] Maltese Dog Helps Care For Boxer’s Puppies


The Maltese dog in this video is helping to care for the puppies of his Boxer’s friend.  His name is William.  And he is a very good friend of Boxer Mom.  He HAS to be a good friend for Mom to let him care for her newborn babies like this.

William is very nurturing.  He licks the puppies like a mom would.  Isn’t it nice to have help when you’ve just given birth a few days ago?

One of the puppies bumps his head on the edge of the whelping box, and William licks the puppy’s head to comfort him.  I notice that William is very respectful of Mom’s space.  He stands outside the whelping box while he licks the babies and helps Mom out when she takes a nap.

I appreciate William.  What a nice friend to have.  Enjoy this warm video.


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