[VIDEO] Dog Who Likes Other Dogs To Behave


The dog in this video likes the other dogs in the family to behave.  I suppose he thinks of himself as the dog in charge.

The Chihuahua and the little dog started to have a disagreement over something.  Who knows who started it?  Don’t they always overlap?  The “police” dog became aware of the disagreement, which has now turned physical, and came to the rescue of the little dog.

He scolds the Chihuahua (without even knowing who was at fault).  Maybe he thought the bigger dog should not fight with a little dog.  And the Chihuahua actually listens to him!

The humorous part is, the “police” has to have the last word.  When the Chihuahua calms down and looks at him, he seems to be saying, “What are you looking at?!!”  What a bossy little guy!

It’s an amusing video.  Enjoy!


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