[VIDEO] Dogs’ Interesting Relationships With Stairs


This video is filled with clips about dogs’ interesting relationships with stairs.   Some absolutely loves them, in fact, so much that they have fun sliding down on their tummy.  And then there are some that seem almost superstitious the way they use the stairs.  For example, in scene # 4, the dog walks backward up the stairs.  Is he afraid of looking up at the stairs looming above him?  Like some humans feel about looking down from a high altitude?  Or the pug who hops up the stairs?    Or the big dog who looks like he’s swimming down the stairs on his back, totally savoring the fun?  Then there’s the dog who walks up stairs sideway.  Is he trying to avoid looking at the stairs?  And the St. Bernard who weighs as much as his human, and has to be picked up and carried down the narrow staircase?  If I were the St. Bernard, I would do the same.  Narrow stairs and going head down?!!!   And the Boston Terrier who walks down the stairs on his front paws?  Show off!  And the last puppy who has such a distaste for stairs that he would rather leap down the last few steps!  It’s entertaining to watch.  And it would be interesting to understand their action.

Enjoy watching these dogs and their special relationship with stairs.


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