[VIDEO] This Yorkshire loves to get his hair blown dry


The Yorkshire in this video loves to get his hair blown dry.  His name is Bicho, and he is 13 years old.  You know how most dogs can’t run away fast enough from a hair dryer?  Maybe they don’t like the loud noise, or maybe the person blow drying their hair hasn’t quite learned how to blow dry a dog’s hair in a way that’s enjoyable to a dog.  When we go to a hair salon, having our hair blown dry is not such an ordeal.  That’s probably because our hairstylist knows how to do it in a way that feels comfortable and non-invasive.  I think that’s the case with Bicho here.  The person blow drying his hair looks like a very young man who is skillful with this.  I see that he avoids Bicho’s face.  I think that’s the part that dogs object to—getting air blown in their face (unless it’s of their own choosing, such as riding in a car with their heads hanging out the window.)

Enjoy watching how much this Yorkshire Terrier love getting his hair blown dry.


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