[VIDEO] A Dog That Closes The Door After Himself


The dog in this video not only opens the front door all by himself, he closes the door after himself too.  When his human parent says to him after he enters the house through the front door, “What are you supposed to do?” the dog goes back and closes the door.  Then his parent says “All the way please.”  The dog went back and closes the door all the way.  Well-trained dog!  And kudos to the human for teaching his dog such good skills and manners.  Wouldn’t’ it be nice if all our dogs can do this?  Imagine how much easier our life would be every time our dog needs to go outside to the yard.  If we are in the middle of something, opening and closing the door for them would be entirely hands free.  Especially if it’s in the middle of the night.  You know how they like to wake you up when they need to use the bathroom outside?

A very short video, but puts a smile on our face.  Enjoy!

Image source:  via I.Imgur


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