[VIDEO] Jesse The Jack Russell Terrier Helps Around The House


Remember Jesse?  The Jack Russell Terrier who knows a lot of tricks?  In this video, Jesse is helping around the house, using the many skills he learned.  And he does everything with a joyful heart.  Jesse’s human friend is Heather.  Their relationship is based on mutual respect, understanding, and trust.  They have a wonderful relationship and bond.  Jesse learns his skills purely through positive reinforcement and relationship-based training.  Heather wrote, “I love him with every beat of my heart.”  Wow!  That speaks volume.  In this video, Jesse turns on and off the light, open the blind, gets the newspaper from the driveway, takes care of the recycling, the dishwashing, closes the kitchen drawers, cleans the windows, puts dirty laundry in the washer, helps Heather with her jacket, giving her a back scratch, helps her take off her shoes and socks, and brings her her slippers.  Then, Jesse pampers her with one more thing—the TV remote control, and even pushes the video into the VCR with his nose.  Even though these look like cute tricks, from what I’ve seen, I think it’s totally possible to take this a step further and turn them into REAL housekeeping tasks.

Enjoy watching very busy Jesse help around the house!


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