[VIDEO] Babysitter Puppy Falls Asleep On Baby


The babysitter puppy in this video falls asleep on the baby.   Her name is Callie.  This is how it begins.  It looks like Callie takes it upon herself to be the watchful guardian while the baby sleeps.  And she is very vigilant about her duty.  Even though she is starting to drift off several times, she somehow keeps herself “awake.”  She moves herself to a different position each time she catches herself dozing off.  This is a very responsible puppy.   Just how long can you watch someone sleep without being influenced?   Well, Callie starts to nod again.  But the last time, she figures out a way to do her job of watching the baby, and still get some rest herself.  It IS possible to guard the baby and get some rest too.  At the end of the video, Callie is still keeping herself awake, while her head is still on the baby.

Enjoy watching this very responsible puppy!


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