[VIDEO] Dogs Who Enjoy Pushing Baby Strollers


The dogs in this video seem to enjoy pushing baby strollers.  Some of the strollers have babies in them, some have dogs in them, a toy, and even cats.

Most of these dogs look to me they are doing it for fun.  The dog in the 5th or 6th scene is actually pushing a little boy in his toy car.  And they are going for a walk by the marina.

Immediately after that scene, several dogs are pushing their buddies (doggie buddies) in a stroller.  Some buddies are the same size as they are.  It reminds me of some of the races we have in high school.

Then there’s a puppy who figures out an easy way to push a stroller.  Instead of standing on his hind legs, just rest his front legs on the lower part of the stroller.  AND you can see where you are going. 🙂

Then there’s the pug who loves to push her toy for a walk, with umbrella and all, in the downtown area!

Enjoy watching these doggies who like to push strollers.



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