[VIDEO] Havanese With Office Assistant Skills


This is a fun video.  This Havanese is applying for an office assistant’s job.  Her name is Jasmine.

I like how well put together this video is.  It’s putting together some of the skills that Jasmine learned related to an office.  Typing on the computer, reaching for the phone, fetching a folder, fetching the fax that just came in, turning off the light.

Toward the end of the video, Jasmine’s owner shares that this is the first time she has a dog.  Using positive reinforcement, Jasmine learns these skills.  And she enjoys the mental stimulation.  It’s encouraging that we don’t have to have years and years of experience to help our dogs learn fun skills like these.

I like the caption she uses for the salary negotiation.  It’s quite humorous.  Enjoy this light-hearted video entitled “Jasmine’s Job Interview.”

Image source:  Your Design Dog Blog


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