[VIDEO] English Bulldog Plays With His Puppy

video Bulldog dad playing with his daughter

This is a most precious video of English Bulldog Chaucer meeting his puppy girl.  What a great name!  Chaucer.  Someone’s a fan of Canterbury Tales.  The puppy girl approaches her Dad.  Chaucer took just half a minute to warm up before he melts to his daughter’s charm.

He has the most humorous way of inviting her to play.  He suddenly backs up from her, the way puppy raises their behind when they invite us to play.  His daughter responds with a bark that startles Chaucer.  The women in the background were so engrossed in this interaction and so delighted by it that they seem to be having a better time than Chaucer and his daughter.

How to care for a Bulldog puppy

There’s a very informative article on Bulldog’s World that details the first few days, the first few weeks of a Bulldog puppy’s lives and how to care for them.  It emphasizes that there are no “always” or “never” with Bulldogs.  If you are raising a Bulldog, get involved with a network of Bulldog owners and share information or ask questions.  And be sure to have an excellent vet.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

The first week of a puppy’s life is the most critical.  The newborn cannot maintain its body temperature yet.  Chilling is dangerous to puppies.  This article suggests a certain temperature for the first few days to keep the puppies warm.  The best source is the mother.  But if she needs help, there are things we can do.  Hydration is another thing to monitor in newborn.  Dehydration is the first sign of trouble.  If we pinch the skin on the back of the neck, and the skin stays there, the pup is dehydrated.  If the mother does not have sufficient milk to feed her puppies, we need to step in with bottle feeding.  This article goes into great details about each area to tend to in a newborn Bulldog puppy.

You can read the entire article here.  If you enjoy this Bulldog video, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  Bulldogs World


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