[VIDEO] English Bulldog Puppy Find Walking Hard Work


The English Bulldog puppy in this video finds walking to be hard work.  And he is right!   This is Tebow.  At this filming, he is 3-weeks-old  He barks from time to time.  I suspect it may have something to do with trying to reach the person filming him.  His target keeps moving, so he has to keep walking.

At 3-weeks-old, using those new leg muscles can be exhausting.  Tebow has to stop several times to rest before resuming his walk.  I suppose it’s like adults training for a run.  Those first few days can be really painful because we aren’t used to exercising those muscles this much.  Finally, the man stops moving and starts caressing Tebow.  He feels soothed immediately.

Enjoy watching Tebow practice his walking skill.


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