[VIDEO] These Dogs Cannot Keep Their Eyes Open


The dogs in this video cannot keep their eyes open.   Most of the dogs are fighting sleep.  As soon as they caught themselves dozing off, they make an effort to stay awake.  Why, Puppy?  Why?  When you are tired, go to sleep.  One dog was actually taking a shower, and fell asleep right in the shower stall.

Another puppy was sitting.  The next thing he knew, he was lying on the floor.  Another dog was sitting on the arm of a couch.  Big mistsake!  Never sit on the arm of a couch when you’re feeling sleepy.  Fortunately, this dog is alert enough that as soon as he realizes he is falling, he just jumps onto the floor.  Whew!

Enjoy watching these sweet dogs think they can win the battle against sleep.

Image source:  via Mulpix


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