[VIDEO] Entertaining Story Of Dogs Left Alone At Home


This video is an entertaining story of dogs left alone at home.  Well, one in particular, but there are partners in this video too.  The videographer and story writer has a wonderful sense of humor and imagination.  The staging is also well done.  After the video are several scenes of bloopers during the making of this video.

The story starts with the dog watching the owner drive away.  He starts his day along by helping himself to 2 slices of pizza AT the dining table.  Then he goes upstairs and sleeps in his owners’ nice comfy bed.  After that he lets in some buddies–to play a card game!   They bet for treats.  After he sees them off, he went to take a shower and dries himself off.  Then he hears the garage door open, and runs downstairs to greet Mom.

Enjoy this entertaining, imaginative video of what dogs do when we leave them alone at home.


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